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Nicknames: Shaggy 2 Dope, 2 Dope, Dopey, Shaggy Dope, Shaggy, Shaggs, Shag, Handsome Harley Gwestella, Gweedo, Gweedy, Stanky Twickle Puss, Stretchnuts, Sweet Candy Nuts, Sugar Bear. etc.
Name: Joey Utsler
Born: 10-14-1974, Detroit
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Blue
What he looks for in a girl: "A hunchback. Like that one old movie "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame", only it'd be a chick. I could sit on her hunch and maybe ride her through the mall. I could hook some kickers up to her butt and bounce that bitch. If her hump is big enough, maybe I could hide things in it, like Faygo. That'd be the bomb diggity. If you got a hunch back and you're a chick, look me up."
More: "I enjoy laying naked on top of my neighbor's roof really early in the morning. I like to pretend like I'm swimming underwater in slow motion and shit. I lay up there as long as I can or until the police come. My dream is to one day have everybody stand on one side of the world and flip it upside down."
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