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Violent J's Biography


Nicknames: Violent J, Violent Jay, J, Jay, 3D, Dead Body Man, Jitty Pants, Diamond Donavon Douglas, Mr. Rotten Treats, The Maker Of Love, Big Baby Sweets, etc.
Name: Joseph Bruce
Born: 27 04 1972, Detroit
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Green
What he looks for in a girl: "Very, very droopy titties. The droopier the better. So droopy that she can tie them in a knot and jump rope with them. So droopy, she can stick some hooks on her nipples and fish with them bitches. So droopy, she can lay in bed with me and still cook me dinner in the kitchen with her titties. So long and droopy she can slap you from across the room with those suckers."
More: "I enjoy wrestling giant gorillas. I like to sneak in the Zoo late at night and into the Ape cage. Then I sneak up on a sleeping gorilla and slap its face until it gets pissed. Then I just wrestle it. Sometimes it's homies jump in. They kick my ass everytime. One time I had one in a headlock and it bit me...Gorillas don't play...And of course my biggest thrill is randomly killing people. My dream is to finally pin one of them fuckin' gorillas at the Zoo...1-2-3 done."
thanks to the same site as on Shaggy's bio page.